How to make collaboration in the workplace easier


Collaborating in the workplace is a challenge regardless of where your colleagues are located. Whether you are separated by an ocean or a cubicle wall, it can be difficult to exchange information and get work done. But Network and Collaboration Services can help! We provide a variety of collaborative technologies to help you make the most of your time.

Need a new desk phone or mobile device?  Want to hold a more efficient meeting with people on multiple campuses and locations?  Do you know how to use Google Apps to email, schedule, chat, create, share, store, organise and collaborate with others? You can find helpful tools and information on our brand new Collaboration website.

We provide information and advice on:

  • How to make the most of your video phone
  • Mobile devices available for staff and the relevant plans to do your job
  • Time-saving options for conferencing – teleconferences, video conferences and webinars (WebEx)
  • Ways to communicate to staff and students such as the broadcast email system or bulk SMS service
  • Tips on Google Apps and how they can meet your needs
  • How to update your phonebook entry.

Network and Collaboration Services also have self-help and online forms to streamline requests. For any question or comments, please contact us via email or phone x54444.

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