3 free apps to help you give back

Woman walking past yellow wall

You can make a difference.

There as so many amazing opportunities out there to give something back to society. You can volunteer your time at a hospital, charity or State Emergency Service. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to walk the doggies staying at the local animal shelter?

But with research, teaching and family commitments you simply don’t have a spare minute, let alone a whole day!  So how can you change the world, when you barely have time to change the oil in your car?

It’s easy in this era of digital innovation! Download one of these apps and donate cash to a worthy cause.

GIVIT – Goods for good causes

By GIVIT Listed Ltd
Cost: Free
Available: iTunes and Google Play
The GIVIT app allows you to donate items safely and easily to community members in need. Somewhere in Australia, there is a pair of unwanted work boots that could help a father secure work to support his family, a reliable washing machine that will allow a single mother the time to apply for work instead of washing clothes by hand and a bed that could provide someone the chance to sleep in their own home.

GiveEasy – donate & give to your charity & cause

By GiveEasy
Cost: Free
Available: iTunes and Google Play
GiveEasy changes the future of giving. The App allows you to donate funds to appeals and charities directly from your credit card, anytime, anywhere. Your friends and colleagues are notified of your donations through Facebook and Twitter.

Good Thnx

By Good Thnx Pty Ltd
Cost: Free
Available: iTunes and Google Play
When someone does good, say thnx! Good Thnx is a platform that rewards good behaviour by allowing people to say thank you, with the money going to charity in a contemporary new way. Write a message and add an amount for a charity or cause. It can be as little as 10c, or as much as you like. The thnx notifies your friend and they choose where the money goes.

Want to give back to Griffith? Well, you can do that too. There’s no app, but check out the Giving to Griffith web page.

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