4 reasons why you should be using Twitter

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So Twitter isn’t as popular as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram (Social Media Statistics Australia – April 2016). Does that mean it isn’t worth your time? No. Definitely not.

Aside from having to scroll through waaaaay less photos of avo toast (than Insta and Facie), the microblogging site has a lot going for it. Here are four reasons why you should be using Twitter:

1. It’s short and tweet, I mean sweet

Do you suffer from the common TL:DR syndrome? Well, Twitter has a 140-character limit (but it’s changing soon), so the message is always short, without the waffle, twaddle or blather. No one could ever tell you they didn’t read your entire tweet (unless they have the attention span of a gnat). And you would never ever bookmark a tweet so you could read it later, would you?

2. You can click to connect

Remember the days when networking was limited to a handshake and an exchange of business cards? No? Me either. Of course, you still exchange business cards in modern times, but it’s awfully hard to do when you are in Queensland, and they are on a research trip in a Peruvian rainforest.

So when the geographical divide is vast, the contemporary answer to business cards is a Twitter Follow. It’s pretty simple. You click Follow when you find someone you want to, well, follow. Then you politely send them a message to introduce yourself and encourage them to follow you back. No handshake needed.

3. You can show everyone how smart you are (I am so smart, S-M-R-T!)

You can use Twitter to showcase your published work. Just write a short and catchy Twitter abstract (yes, it’s a thing) and link to your work on the web (full text or summary).

But that’s not the end of your Twitter story. Twitter is a conversation so be sure to answer any questions that may arise from your tweet. And it doesn’t have to stop there. Be the Batman of the Twitter world and save all questions tweeted on your topic from going unanswered. Hey, you can’t help it if you are the guru.

And remember, sharing is caring! Share what you’re reading. Share other useful resources in your area of expertise. Have an expert opinion? Share it! If it’s interesting, it’ll probably get retweeted and passed around, and who knows, it may go viral… (trending topic: you!).

4. You can find answers to, you know, important questions…

We aren’t suggesting you use Twitter to grill your interstate colleague about a recent Tinder experience. This may not be the most professional use of your Twitter account.

Although, if it’s your personal account, go right ahead and ask who she swiped right for. That’s the great thing about Twitter, you can create multiple accounts for different purposes.

Instead, use Twitter to conduct actual research for work or study purposes. Twitter is ‘an excellent tool for crowd-sourcing and focus-group research. You can easily get the answers you seek after you establish a relationship with your followers that encourages participation, conversation, and sharing’ (Twitter for Dummies, 2009).

Here are some tiptop Twitter resources to get you started:

Oh, and don’t forget to follow Griffith Uni Library on Twitter. We are @griffithlibrary. We’ll look out for your Follow!

One Comment on “4 reasons why you should be using Twitter”

  1. Also, it’s not just 140 characters and that’s it … there are often embedded links to blogs and articles, and useful / interesting hashtags to follow.

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