6 things you didn’t know about Professor Jay Younger

Photo of public art installation

Public art installation at the Queen Elizabeth II Courts curated by Professor Younger. Image: Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research

Professor Jay Younger is a Brisbane based artist, curator and Griffith University academic with over 30 years of practice.

Her artworks take form as photo media, public art, and installation with the purpose of interrogating the position and status of women within physical space, spatial politics, and the invisible socialised barriers that contain and deny access to other spaces. Often her artwork posits different viewpoints in tension within a matrix of oppositional forces to ask questions about the human subject immersed in the conflicting agendas of politicised space (Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research 2016).

Here are six things you (probably) didn’t know about Professor Younger:

1. Jay wanted to be Inspector Gadget

Go go Gadget Jay! Not really, but she did aspire to be a detective in her Younger years (see what we did there).

And if you are going to be a detective, you might as well have cool contraptions and loyal sidekicks (remember Penny and Brain?).

Jay must have had an affinity for hypothesising and investigation as she once also considered becoming a scientist.  Or maybe she was just particularly fond of using a magnifying glass?

But Jay was destined for a career as an artist. She recalls: ‘When I was in my teens, it was obvious to all that I was going to be an artist. I was quite lucky as there was total acceptance of this by my parents’.

2. She surrounds herself with other creative people (from Griffith, of course!)

As a Professor at the Queensland College of Art, she supervises a ‘vibrant bunch’ of PhD, Honours and MAVA students. She also teaches (inspires) the Fine Art and Photography Honours cohort and third year Creative Advertising Photography students.

‘The key part of my teaching role is to provide feedback on creative work as well as undertaking my own research projects, which take form as exhibitions and curated projects’ said Jay.

3. Jay is tight-lipped when it comes to her next creative project

All we can tell you is it’s going to be ahhhh-mazing! Oh, and it’s a video work to be exhibited later this year. If we told you more we would totally be making it up.

4. She is passionate about helping others with their career

‘Many people have helped me in my career,’ said Jay, ‘whether I knew it at the time or not’. And she wants to return the favour, by providing career assistance to those who aspire to achieve. So whether you are a fellow artist, student or colleague, Jay has your back!

‘I am also a passionate advocate for collaboration as the key to learning new ways of doing things and creating change and improvement’ she said.

5. Jay sees the big picture

She loves her work and is keen to continue exhibiting her artwork for the foreseeable future. But she has big dreams. ‘I would love to do a large-scale curated public art project’ Jay said.

6. She loves technology, she hates technology, she loves technology…

It’s fair to say that Jay has a love-hate relationship with her digital devices. She can’t live without them, but they are a source of much anguish. ‘I want to access information, whenever and wherever I want, and move on’ said Jay. ‘But this dependence on technology frustrates me as everything is not fast enough or accessible enough’. Okay all you techies out there, get right on that!

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