Creative job titles can energise workers


Creative job titling can improve workers’ attitudes and boost recruitment. Well, that’s what a study cited in the Harvard Business Review reckons anyway.

Whether you agree that a creative job title is beneficial (and there are those who don’t), it’s fun to brainstorm possible new titles for your current role and to have a sly chuckle at titles that have actually been adopted.

Here are some of the creative job titles mentioned in the HBR article:

  • Disney theme park worker – Cast Member
  • Subway’s line worker – Sandwich Artist
  • Hospital infectious disease worker – Germ Slayer
  • Hospital immunization nurse – Quick Shot
  • Hospital X-ray technician – Bone Seeker
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation CEO – Fairy Godmother
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation Finance Director – The Minister of Dollars and Sense

Your turn! Let us know in the comments below what creative job titles you came up with. It doesn’t have to be for your job. Maybe create one for your boss!

If you want to read the full HBR article, it’s available online through our subscription database Business Source Complete. Here is the citation (in APA format): Creative job titles can energize workers. (2016). Harvard Business Review, 94(5), 24-25.

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