Do beards keep men warm?

Photo of bearded man

Yes, they do, according to science. And interestingly, beards do such a cracking job at keeping your face warm there is a slim chance it could overheat your brain (where is that razor when you need it!).

Evolution’s solution is hereditary male pattern baldness (Popular Science, March 2016, p.78). That bald spot is working hard to keep your noggin chilled. Put the Rogaine away!

Are you enthralled by this random tidbit of scientific information? Then you may be interested in reading Popular Science magazine.

Popular Science magazine reports on breakthrough innovations in science and technology and features up-to-the-minute news, gadget reviews, insightful commentary, and more.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Ask Us Anything’ section in each issue. It provides answers to super interesting science questions, like the one on beards.

Other questions asked and answered in the March issue of Popular Science, include: ‘Does giving blood harm your immune system?’, ‘do selfies really kill more people a year than shark attacks?’ and ‘am I within my rights to shoot down a creepy neighbour’s drone?’.

As a Griffith student or staff member, you can access Popular Science and other primo magazines for FREE via the PressReader app.

PressReader allows you to read publications offline and automatically download the latest editions of your chosen magazines as soon as they become available.

See the library catalogue for more information about PressReader.

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