Do you read to your children?

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We’ve always known it deep down, but studies have proven it! If you read to your children regularly they will do better in their first years of school.

Better dust off your old Grimm’s fairy tales and regale the little one with the culinary adventures of Hansel and Gretel! But maybe don’t read it to them at bedtime. Some of us found the cannibalistic witch quite frightening (and still do!).

If you want to learn more about how your reading habits impact your child’s development, attend the upcoming Friends of the Library event. Professor Sheena Reilly, Director of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland (MHIQ) is giving a talk on Spoken and written language: the foundation for learning on 29 June 2016 at the Gold Coast campus.

There will be an opportunity to chat with the Professor as well. Following the presentation, Friends of the Library members will be invited to join us for a cocktail reception where you can network with industry colleagues and our speaker.

You will have the option to become a Friends of the Library member and attend this reception when you register. For more information on the Friends of the Library and previous events, visit

So what are you waiting for? Register now!


A Griffith University Friends of the Library hosted event on Spoken and written language – the foundation for learning


Presented by Professor Sheena Reilly, Director of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland (MHIQ),


29 June 2016
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Council Chambers (Room 2.02)
Leneen Forde Chancellery (Bldg G34)
Griffith University, Parkland Drive
Gold Coast campus
Southport, Queensland 4222

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