Selfie absorbed

Photo of woman with a mobile phone

So taking a selfie isn’t simple nowadays. You can’t just whip out your iPhone, pose with your best duck face and take a snap. You have to consider lighting, angles, contouring and which filter (or #nofilter) to use.

Did you know, for instance, to get the cutest selfie you need to hold your smartphone at precisely 45 degrees above you? Or that you need to extend your jaw slightly so you don’t end up with a double chin? Disclaimer: we aren’t saying you have a double chin.

Did you also know there are selfie editing apps to enhance your skin, eyes or hair? Apps can even make you appear slimmer or more curvaceous. Not that you need too… You are perfect just the way you are.

Now you might think (and quite rightly so) that we went to sites like Buzzfeed, Mamamia or Popsugar to research this selfie story. But no people, no. Forbes Asia published a really informative and gripping article called ‘Selfie Absorbed’ in a recent issue.

It gave us the formula for the perfect selfie. And we learned some pretty cool business stuff as well.

The article discusses the rise of Meitu, a suite of selfie editing apps in China that have attracted 360 million monthly active users.

Meitu owner, serial entrepreneur Cai Wensheng, has made a pretty penny helping women in China look ‘fairer, taller and slimmer with a few clicks’.

Young Chinese females fondly refer to the app as ‘zipai shenqui, which loosely translates as “godly tools for selfie”’.

Here is the APA citation for the article if you need to reference it: Yue, W. (2016). Selfie Absorbed. Forbes Asia, 12(6), 020. You are at university, after all.

Forbes Asia is available online in the EBSCOhost Business Source Complete database. You can set up an alert to receive notification when a new issue is released. See a friendly librarian for assistance.

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