Who has access to your Google Drive files and folders?

Painting of shocked person

Uh oh! Were you supposed to share that confidential document with all Griffith staff?

Sharing documents via Google Drive is a great way to collaborate with your colleagues, but it can also create some undesirable situations if sensitive information is inadvertently shared. And it’s easier to do than you might think.

Who said: ‘With great sharing power comes great responsibility?’ Was it Voltaire? Spider-Man? Winston Churchill? Theodore Roosevelt? Franklin D. Roosevelt? None of them! We will attribute this great (if somewhat slightly amended) quote to the Information Management Portfolio.

The nature of the content you share in Google Drive will dictate who you should share it with. Does your document contain personally identifiable data? Does it contain business-sensitive information such as passwords, security details, commercially sensitive details?

If so, please be aware that access to this information needs to be restricted and you need to take particular care in the management of your sharing settings for these documents.

Check out the How to change your sharing settings in Google Drive guide on the Information Management Communities Intranet site. It explains how to administer the file sharing permissions in Google Drive.

It is also worth remembering that Google Drive is great for collaboration but it is not a records management system. When you have finished collaborating on your document, it may need to be saved into a more appropriate repository for ongoing management.

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