Master your universe


Are you the master of your universe?

Sorry, that was a loaded question perhaps we’ve been watching too much Tony Robbins lately.

We just got a bit excited because the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) has a great opportunity for you to build a better future and make your life a masterpiece – oops, there we go again!

Here’s less pep talk, more facts…

On Thursday 14 July AURIN will be holding a free masterclass workshop at Griffith University’s Nathan campus, and you’re invited!

The workshop will explore their extensive data repositories and extract information about Australian cities. As a participant, you will use the portal’s user-friendly, yet sophisticated, tools to mould this information into visible and sharable knowledge. Until now, much of this information has remained behind closed doors!

Participants will undertake comparative analyses to study health data, analyse revealing socio-economic information, investigate walkability of neighbourhoods and more. Familiarity with these metrics is essential to understanding patterns of urban development and to best inform smart urban growth for a sustainable future.

So if you want to mash-up data and explore untouched information, here is what you need to do:

Register online

Put it in your calendar

Charge your laptop

Where: Griffith University, 170 Kessels Rd, Nathan QLD 4111

When: 2pm – 5pm, Thursday 14 July 2016

Cost: Free (what a bargain!)

What you need to bring: BYO laptop (They also suggest bringing along your recharge cable)

To clarify, Tony Robbins will not be appearing at this event. However, this workshop will give you knowledge and we all know knowledge is power…

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