Update your reading list


With the start of semester 2 just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to update your reading list.

Semester 2, 2016 and OUA Session 2, 2016 reading lists are now available for course conveners and academic staff to edit and/or update.  Existing links to held journal articles and ebooks are still active, and do not require any further action.

On the 25 June, access to all digitised readings (book chapters and journal articles) from Semester 1 and OUA Session 2 expired. If they are required for the next teaching period they should be re-requested.

To re-request, select the Request Digitisation link below the appropriate citation within your reading list. Additional help is available from Ask Us.

Citations that are no longer required can be removed by clicking on the Remove link under the appropriate citation.

Additional citations can also be added and digitisation requested.  Request for new digitised readings need to be added four weeks before the start of the new teaching period to allow time to be processed and actioned. The team can not guarantee access to new requests received after this date for the start of the teaching period.

The process of re-requesting digitised readings ensures that the digitised readings on Reading Lists are kept current, are still required and also enables the University to manage and report on digitised readings for copyright compliance.

Happy reading!

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