Are you ‘friends’ with your students on Facebook?

social media

Uh oh! You need to read the updated Griffith University Social Media Guidelines that were released in June. It has a whole section on the use of social media in learning and teaching.

The updated Social Media Guidelines recognises that Social Media are used as a communicative, collaborative and community platform in support of learning and teaching activities.

But it strongly suggests that you follow certain rules to avoid embarrassment, harassment, and other awful consequences.

For example, don’t accept requests from students to access your personal social media. This doesn’t just apply to Facebook; it applies to all your social media networks. Unless of course, the network is professional in nature (such as LinkedIn) and you are enhancing the student’s professional development and employability.

So why can’t you accept students as ‘friends’ on social media? Well, it can lead to some very difficult situations if the student subsequently takes offence to content on personal pages. And honestly, do you really want your students to see photos of the ancient swimsuit you wore on your last family vacay (um, over-stretched, worn-out spandex could be very NSFW).

The Guidelines recommend you use social media tools endorsed by Griffith University i.e Learning@Griffith.

They create a consistent student learning experience across all subjects and are typically accessible by a student’s number and password. Such tools have security protection for personal information and are copyright compliant.

Do you have questions about using Social Media in learning and teaching? Ask Griffith’s Information Policy Officer, Antony Ley.

Information Services has Social Media! Suggest content for our Library Blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by contacting

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