Should you be using your staff email for THAT?

Screenshot of Pokemon Go

Image from Google Play

Chasing Pokémon? Placing your online grocery delivery for the week? Updating your online dating profile? We recommend you use your personal email account for these activities (and for everything non-work related). Here’s why:

 Policy, privacy & security
The University IT Code of Practice provides guidance for the appropriate use of the University’s Information Technology resources including advice on limited personal use.

Your staff email is provided for University business, so usage and content of email messages may be monitored.

While the University has entered into stringent confidentiality arrangements to protect the privacy of your data in accordance with local, State, Commonwealth and International Law, other companies may not be so careful.

Did you know Pokémon Go requests full access permission for your Google account? It can see and modify information in your Google Account including emails, contacts, Google Drive documents and more.

This was an oversight by the Pokémon Go developer and will be fixed (eventually). But if you sign up with your staff email account, it leaves you and the University open to security risks.

When your employment with the University ends, so does access to your Griffith staff email account.

If you have signed up to something with your staff email account, you won’t be able to access it after you leave employment with the University.

This can cause issues with updating your account details, password resets and general access issues ­ particularly if it is an account that you do not frequently access.

You could end up missing important notifications or statements from banking institutions, superannuation or other services registered against your staff email account.

Let’s face it, spam is annoying to sift through! Gmail can automatically identify spam and suspicious emails by detecting viruses, finding patterns across messages, and learning from other Gmail accounts. But they can still get through.

Signing up to mailing lists with your staff email account can mean your details end up on spam lists. And once this happens, you’ll be inundated with spam.

Or you may not even see the emails you’ve signed up for. If you subscribe to sites such as Scoopon or DealsDirect, emails may be inadvertently identified as spam by the University and automatically trashed! Find out more about the University response to spam.

So, before you use your staff email account to access yet another trending app or website, maybe it’s a good idea to just keep it personal.

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