How we are improving climate change planning in the Pacific

The Pacific Climate Change Portal was launched in Samoa in June.

The Pacific Climate Change Portal was recently launched in Samoa.

The nations of the Pacific are amongst the least developed in the world. Climate change will exacerbate their problems; like the ability of millions of families to access enough clean water, grow enough food, earn an income and to stay safe from cyclones and flooding.

Learning from past projects and accessing the best available information is a valuable step in developing effective adaptation and development projects.   The inability to access these resources has been a major barrier to effective climate change adaptation planning in the Pacific.

Information Services (INS) are addressing this problem through our hard work on the Pacific iCLIM project.

Pacific iCLIM aims to support climate change resilience and adaptation planning in the Pacific, by working with regional partners to implement a regional approach to climate change information management.

We reached a major project milestone in June with the launch of the upgraded Pacific Climate Change Portal.

The Portal combines information records from a network of national information management systems across the Pacific, creating a one-stop-shop for practitioners in the region to find and access the resources they need.

It helps national governments, regional organisations and foreign aid programs to manage, share and find information across the Pacific.

Held in Samoa, the launch attracted a large audience; including climate adaptation practitioners, climate scientists, foreign dignitaries and aid organisations.

Presenters included Prof Brendan Mackey, Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Dr Netatua Pelesikoti, Director, SPREP Climate Change Division and Rosemary McKay, Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Samoa.

Containing more than 1000 data sets and documents relevant to climate change in the Pacific, the value of the portal will continue to grow as new records are added.

One of the successes of the program has been working with local partners to ensure that the project is tailored to the needs of the Pacific.

At the moment, we are rolling out Information Management training to relevant government and non-government practitioners in Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga.

Information and Knowledge Management for Climate Change guidelines are available via the Pacific Climate Change Portal.

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