Indigenous rights history showcased at the Con

The Wave Hill 'walk off' commemorated at the Con in August

The Wave Hill ‘walk off’ was commemorated at the Conservatorium recently

Queensland Conservatorium (QCGU), Griffith Library and the Griffith Archive recently collaborated on a project to celebrate an important historic event.

And the project – From Little Things Big Things Grow: The 50th anniversary of the 1966 Indigenous walk-off protest at Wave Hill cattle station, NTwas a success!

Running for a week, the project team organised activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Wave Hill ‘walk off’. Activities included a display, immersive video and music, as well as new compositions.

History buffs were treated to an archival exhibition in the Library. Organised by the Griffith Library and the Griffith Archive, the display captured how the Wave Hill ‘walk-off’ provided a rich history of reconciliation, respect, education and engagement with Australia’s First Peoples.

Staff and students also enjoyed immersive videos and music capturing the journey of Indigenous rights, and the cultural impact on image, music and understanding.

The immersive piece was kindly organised by Griffith Library and QCGU Academic, Eve Newsome.

Students who attended the event on the final day weren’t disappointed. QCGU Academic, Gerardo Dirie, in liaison with 2016 Wave Hill Freedom Day staff, organised new compositions based on Wave-Hill-inspired indigenous artworks.

The inspirational piece encouraged students to compose works based on artworks created by Wave Hill ‘walk off’ participants.

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