Reimbursements made easy with ExpenseIt


Have you spent your hard-earned cash on goods or services that are work-related?  Griffith University might be able to reimburse your expenses.

You just need to submit an Expense Report in Concur (the University’s new Expense Management System). And the ExpenseIt from Concur app can help you do this.

Use ExpenseIt to send your receipts to the Concur Expense Management System. Just grab your trusty smartphone and follow these simple steps:

  • Install and open ExpenseIt
  • Login with your Concur username and password
  • Click Receipt
  • Tap the big blue button to take a photo of your receipt
  • Add a comment (if required)
  • Click the Tick icon

Your receipt will be automatically exported to Concur when the app has finished working its magic.

The app will read the information on your receipt using Optical Character Recognition, and pre-populate the data entry fields in your Concur Expense Report.

It even does the currency conversion for you when you have foreign receipts. Basically, it saves you from having to type out the information manually.

Have a digital copy of your receipt?  You can also send receipts to Concur via email. Just verify your email address in Concur and then forward digital or scanned receipts to Concur using the email address.

Want to know more?  Click on the links above to watch our short videos and visit the Concur website to see all of our other handy user guides.

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