Are your students scared of the library?


There’s nothing to be scared of at Griffith University Library. We promise!

Library anxiety is an actual thing. In 1986, Constance A. Mellon wrote a paper titled ‘Library anxiety: a grounded theory and its development’ (College & Research Libraries).

Basically, she found that university students are prone to ‘library anxiety because they believe their research skills are inadequate, which makes them feel ashamed and unwilling to talk to the very librarians who might be able to ease their worries’ (Morton, E. (2016) Atlas Obscura).

Mellon says there a couple of factors that contribute to their fear of the library – the size of the library; a lack of knowledge of where things were located; how to begin, and; what to do (p.162).

While we can’t do much about the size of Griffith University Library (sorry!), we do offer plenty of support to help them find the resources they need and get started with research, referencing and writing.

Here’s what you can do to reduce your students’ library anxiety:

Encourage them to attend a library or academic skills workshop

They’ll be a bona fide library expert after attending our range of FREE workshops.

In our library research skills sessions, they’ll learn how to find items on their reading list and research effectively for assignments.

In our academic skills workshops, we help them develop strategies for effective reading and study, time management, academic writing, critical thinking and more.

Tell them to book a specialist consultation

Students (and staff!) can book an appointment with a range of specialists to assist with academic skills, library skills or computing related questions.

Librarians can help them find, evaluate and effectively use information for their assignments.  They also provide guidance with understanding referencing principles and bibliographic tools such as EndNote, and how they can be applied in academic writing.

Learning Advisers can work with them to achieve their academic goals.  Located on each campus, they can help students improve the structure of written assignments, organise ideas, develop arguments and understand the expectations of university study.

Get them to take the Study Smart tutorial

Study Smart is an online tutorial covering topics relating to researching, writing and studying at Griffith University. This tutorial provides students with strategies, resources and interactive learning activities designed to help them succeed in their studies.

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