Have your say on open data policy

How often do you get to shape government policy? Wait, maybe you do all the time. You are a researcher at a remarkable university after all.

So let me rephrase that. How often do you get to shape Open Data policy for Queensland? Never. Until now…

The Queensland Government and the Open Data Institute (ODI) Queensland invite you to attend a deep dive engagement session on Open Data policy. ‘A what?’, we hear you ask.

A deep dive engagement session. Basically, they just want you to come along and have a powwow. They want to know what matters most to you about Open Data.

Your input will help develop a Policy that makes Open Data more transparent, accessible, and of a higher quality, with improved standards, management practices and efficiency.

It will also assist others who don’t know much about Open Data or who’ve never accessed it before to find and use it more easily.

The deep dive engagement sessions are structured to encourage deep thinking and prompt rich discussion. The session will involve live polling, scenario building and policy testing.

Multiple sessions are being held to cater for different sections of the community. The session for researchers, academics and students will be held tomorrow. So register now!

Deep-Dive interactive workshop for Research, Academia and Students

Thu 6 October 2016
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

ODI Queensland
70-72 Bowen Street
Spring Hill, Queensland

Join the conversation and help shape Queensland’s new Open Data Policy.

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