Sharing research data (and spreadsheets) with the world


We all know sharing research data is important. But a whole lot of work goes into making this happen on an international scale. And that’s where the Research Data Alliance (RDA) comes in.

According to the RDA website, they are an ‘international organization focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities aimed to reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange, and promote the acceleration of data-driven innovation worldwide’.

Basically, they play an important role in developing the infrastructure that drives data sharing globally.

Experts from around the world – from academia, industry and government – are the cogs behind the RDA wheel. They come together to form Working Groups and Interest Groups to propose solutions and recommendations to facilitate data sharing or in RDA-speak, outputs.

RDA Outputs ‘are the technical and social infrastructure solutions developed by RDA Working Groups or Interest Groups that enable data sharing, exchange, and interoperability’.

But it’s not just the RDA who are dedicated to sharing. Information Services has fully embraced the concept as well.

eResearch Services, Senior Software Engineer, Kim Keogh undertook an analysis of RDA Outputs to determine which ones were suitable for Griffith to adopt. The resulting spreadsheet was shared with the RDA Organizational Assembly to help other organisations like Griffith.

And now the spreadsheet has gone international. According to eResearch Services, Director, Malcolm Wolski, the spreadsheet has been circulated far and wide. It’s even made it to Germany!

Mr Wolski said a Director at the Max Plank Institute in Germany personally thanked him for his team’s work on the RDA Outputs analysis. The Director was so impressed with the analysis, he circulated the spreadsheet around the Institute. Go team!

If you have an interest in reducing the barriers to data sharing and exchange, you should join the RDA. It is free to join the various Interest Groups and Working Groups. Griffith is also a member of the Organizational Assembly of the RDA.

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