Why you need to replace your old mobile phone

a photo of an old Nokia mobile phone

Mobile network carriers around the world are planning to shut down their 2G networks to make way for the faster, more efficient 4G.

In Australia, Optus and Telstra have announced their 2G networks will be shut down within a year. Once the networks have shut down, 2G devices will no longer work.

When will the 2G network be shutdown?
Optus: April 2017
Telstra: 1 December 2016 (excluding Christmas Island)

How do I know if I have a 2G device?
Check the specifications in your manual or the search the model online to find out if it is a 2G device. If your mobile phone is not a smartphone (for example an old Nokia), then chances are it’s 2G and will need to be replaced.

Note that M2M (machine to machine) devices can also be 2G. M2M technology is used in ticket machines, parking meters, smart meters (for electricity, gas and water), security equipment, vending machines, medical alarms and other equipment. Read the manual or search online to find out if it’s 2G or not 2G.

What do I need to do if I have a 2G device?
You will need to upgrade or replace the 2G device. You will also need to replace your SIM with a new 3G/4G SIM. If you choose not to update your 2G device, it will simply stop working after the 2G network closures.

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