5 ways researchers can use Twitter Lists


It’s time to organise your Twitter!

If you follow oodles of Twitterers then you are probably besieged by an endless stream of tweets, retweets and replies.

And it’s all good, until its not; like when you’ve read two lifetimes worth of #BacheloretteAU tweets, but missed a life-changing update from @griffithlibrary about an #awesomenewresource.

It always seems to happen, doesn’t it? You miss the one tweet you really wanted to see, but you’re all caught up on every other thing you don’t care about…

But you can get all your ducks (or should that be sparrows?) in a row with Twitter Lists.

According to Twitter, ‘a list is a curated group of Twitter accounts’. Basically, you group a bunch of Twitter users together and view a stream of tweets just from them.

For example, you could create a list of the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors and Pro Vice-Chancellors at Griffith University.

You give it an appropriate name such as the Griffith University Executive. Then you simply click on the list and view tweets exclusively from the bigwigs themselves. Handy, hey?

Stuck for ideas on what list to create? Here are five suggestions:

1. The Team
Now, The Team could just be the people in your office, or it could be your entire School, Division or University. We have a Griffith University list which includes a mixed bag of Griffith Twitterers, like @GU_Sciences, @logancampus, @martinbetts and @AEL_DeanR. Why don’t you subscribe to our list? You know you want to.

2. Conference-goers
Going to #OR2017 or #THETA2017 next year, or any conference for that matter? Create a list of event-goers so you can follow along with what’s happening. Remember, not everyone is diligent with using official conference hashtags so important convos could slip past you. A Twitter List will help catch those slippery little suckers.

3. Fellow researchers
Are there other experts in your field? Add them! Or better yet, subscribe to a Twitter List that already has them all… and more (if you can find one!)

4. Industry news
Keep track of what’s going on in your industry. Add thought-leaders, professional associations, trade journals, and key university schools, centres and institutes (not just at Griffith).

5. People who retweet you
We love when people retweet us. And we want to encourage them to do it again, and again, and again. Reward your retweeters by sharing the content they create. If they tweet something you find insightful, interesting or informative, be sure to share!

Want simple instructions for creating a Twitter List? Get it straight from the horse’s mouth at the Twitter Help Centre.

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