Go paperless on World Paper Free Day

Photo of lots of Post-it notes

Forget the Post-it!

Are you ready to go paper-free on Friday 4 November 2016?

It’s World Paper Free Day; the one day each year where we can all band together to reduce the amount of paper we use.

According to Australian Science (2014), we use on average 230kg of paper per person per year in Australia. Now, that’s a lot of paper.

So, let’s try to reduce the amount of paper we use on Friday (and every day after that). Here are our six tips for going paper-free:

1. Collaborate in the Cloud
C’mon, we are given a free Google Apps account with unlimited storage. There are no excuses. Use Google Docs to collab with colleagues.

2. Collect paper that has been used on one side only
You can reuse it as scrap paper. It’s surprising how much paper you can save!

3. Condense documents so they use less space on a page
By reducing the font and margin size, you can squeeze so much more on a page. Don’t go crazy though; you still want to be able to read the document.

4. Make notes on your tablet or smartphone
Forget the Post-it! Make a note on your mobile device. There are so many apps out there that are hankering to help you out (for free!).

5. Rethink your subscriptions
Do you really need the print copy of that newsletter, magazine, or journal delivered to your door? Sign up for the online version instead.

6. Print to PDF
Anything you might want to print to paper can be printed to a PDF file. Want to keep a copy of an email, web page or receipt? Print it to PDF and store it on your computer. If your computer doesn’t give you the option to print to PDF, download doPDF from Software Services.

How will you go paperless on Friday?

Head to Griffith’s Sustainability web page for more tips on how to reduce paper use.

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