Do you have a strategy to get your research published?


Getting your manuscript published in the right academic journal requires strategic planning.

You can’t just send your research out into the publishing world, cross your fingers and hope for the best. You may very well get it published, but we can’t guarantee you’ll achieve maximum impact and visibility that way.

There’s a lot of information available to you on how to get published. But it can be overwhelming. It’s hard to keep track of all the tutorials, guidelines and web sites of all the processes you should follow.

So we’ve put it all in one place for you; a one-stop shop if you like. It’s all available on our newly designed Research and Publishing webpage. It links to everything you need as an academic author at Griffith University.

You can find Higher Degree Research workshops, Postgraduate Research Information Skills Modules, Open Scholarship and more.

Be sure to have a look at the new Strategic Publishing Guidelines for Authors. The online module outlines practical steps you can take to get your manuscript published.

It offers a planned approach to scholarly publishing. From identifying your overall goal and target audience to analyzing a publications relevance, quality and credibility. There is also a whole section dedicated to building an author profile.

Also, check out the Best Practice Data Guidelines for Researchers. It outlines your role in the research data management lifecycle – from your projects beginning to its very end.

Many topics are covered; from regulatory requirements, intellectual property and consent to repositories, licensing and exit planning. The online module offers best practice solutions to save you time and keep your data safe.

Did you know your data can work for you? Follow the Best Practice Data Guidelines for Researchers and increase your research profile by including data outputs as part of your dissemination strategy.

Research and Publishing is not the only new page on the library website. We’ve also given the Teaching page a makeover. You should check it out (once it goes live!)

And there’s more brand spanking newness to come. We’ve been working away over the summer to update the library website in line with student feedback. It’ll be efficient, streamlined, user-friendly, and all kinds of awesome.

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