Get the inside scoop on Australian companies


Do you need information on companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)?

Whether you are a researcher, financial planner, stockbroker or potential investor, you should check out Morningstar DatAnalyis Premium. It has company reports, corporate history, trading history, takeovers, floats, announcements and more.

Basically, if you want the inside scoop on any ASX company, this is the research tool for you. Let’s say, for example, you want the lowdown on your local grocery store – Woolworths.

You can search the Woolworths company report for corporate details, shareholder information, analyst forecasts, and ASX announcements. And that’s not even half of what’s available.

We took a really quick look at Morningstar to see what random (yet useful!) information we could dig up on Woolies. Here are the results:

  • Analysts recommend that you Hold, Moderate Sell or Hard Sell Woolworths shares. No analyst recommended that you Strong Buy or Moderate Buy.
  • Woolworths was listed on the ASX on 23/07/1993
  • The market value of Woolworth’s equity capital is $31,521m
  • Food sales increased by 1.7% to $9.3bn for the 14 weeks of the first quarter of FY16 compared to the previous year (First Quarter Sales Results, 28/09/2016).
  • The Total Shareholder Return (average annual rate) for one year is 4.25%
  • Perpetual Limited and subsidiaries is a substantial shareholder with 64,217,336 shares

For comprehensive, accurate information on all ASX listed and delisted companies, check out Morningstar DatAnalyis Premium today.

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