How to make tax research less taxing


Are you a tax, accounting or financial professional?

Make your tax research less taxing by accessing our vast range of online tax resources. From eBooks, journal articles and news to cases, legislation and commentary, you can access tax information 24/7 from home, work, or on the go.

So the next time you are traveling abroad, remember, you can power up your laptop to read that important GST case in the Federal Law Reports.

Or if you have a burning income tax question on a Saturday morning (or you just want to avoid mowing the lawn), you can grab your mobile device and pore over income tax Acts and Regulations.

Before this blog post becomes too taxing, let’s talk tax resources. Here’s a selection:

1. Checkpoint (Thomson Reuters)  
Tax and accounting research today is faster, easier and more on-target than ever before—thanks to Checkpoint. The database contains the latest tax news and issues; tax commentaries covering capital gains, superannuation and fringe benefits tax; analytical services covering commentary-style services for a detailed understanding of federal taxation law; and, primary materials such as legislation, cases, rulings, bills and explanatory memoranda.

2. Australian Master Tax Guide 2016
With over 200 tax changes, ensure you are staying current with information from an unbiased, trusted source. Access authoritative commentary, practical examples, tax planning points, checklists and key tax dates, quickly and easily.

3. Australian Income Tax Legislation 2016 
This three-volume set provides a comprehensive consolidation of Australian income tax and related legislation, updated and consolidated for all amendments to 1 January 2016. It includes all relevant income tax and related legislation together with detailed history notes for all substantive amendments in the last six years, a legislation annotator, index and conversion tables between the 1997 and 1936 tax assessment Acts.

4. Tax Knowledge eXchange
Do you need access to niche tax journals? Check out this online resource from The Tax Institute. It contains the Australian Tax ForumThe Tax Specialist, and Taxation in Australia. The Tax Knowledge eXchange requires you log in. But don’t worry, it’s super easy. All the usernames and password will be displayed on the screen when you click Tax Knowledge eXchange.

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