How Windows 10 will impact students


Windows 10 is currently being deployed to all common use computer labs, library spaces, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and school-based computer labs.

Windows 10 is the start of Windows-as-a-Service. Rather than new features being bundled into major new versions every few years, Windows 10 will deliver smaller feature updates two or three times per year, in addition to the usual security and bug updates.

The move to Windows 10 ensures you can provide state-of-the-art technology to students, enjoy significantly faster start-up/boot times, and take advantage of the much-improved security and management capabilities.

To assist with the change to Windows 10, we have updated the Lab Teaching Software web page. It now includes a list of all software applications ready for use with Windows 10 (and also MacOS).

If you require software to be added, updated or removed, please submit your request via the Lab Teaching Software web page.

We are still accepting software requests even though the deadline has passed. But you better quick! Submit your request today to ensure your software application is ready before teaching commences in Trimester 1.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Computing team via email or phone extension 53985.

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