Are you a researcher with questions about copyright?


It’s not just researchers and academics who need to know about copyright. Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates need to know about copyright. And so do postgraduate students, undergraduate students, and general staff.

To sum up, we all need to know about copyright.  Right? Right. That’s why we have a Griffith University copyright website – to answer all your copyright questions.

If you are a researcher, take a look at the Research staff copyright guide which deals with creative commons material, permissions and using images or diagrams in your work.

HDR candidates should check out the HDR candidates copyright guide, as well as the recently updated pages on:

  • Articles in Thesis (with a new step by step guide for RHDs to get permission to include their articles in their theses)
  • Getting Permission (with new permissions letters to use and adapt for RHDs, Researchers and Educational Designers).

All Griffith University staff and students (yes, you!) should have a look at Griffith’s updated Copyright guides.  There are new guides on:

Need more information? Contact Griffith University, Information Policy Officer, Antony Ley.

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