How to research better, faster and smarter


The answer is ResBaz. The Research Bazaar is a worldwide festival aimed at training researchers in digital research skills and tools.

Last month, ResBaz events were held at a number of university campuses around the globe, including Brisbane! The aim of these events was to equip researchers from all career stages with the digital skills and tools required to do their research better, faster and smarter. Postgrads, postdocs and early career researchers were all welcome.

Held at University of Queensland (UQ), the Research Bazaar Brisbane brought together researchers from a variety of disciplines to build on their research using technology, share knowledge and connect with the community.

ResBazBris kicked off with a big Festival Day and was followed by two days of workshops. Festival Day was fully festive with speakers, poster sessions and fantastic stalls such as Ask a Data Scientist, Tech TuneUp and ODI Queensland.

There were speakers from the Australian Access Federation, Overleaf and the University of Southern Queensland (to name but a few) highlighting important issues surrounding our research community.

From a spirited talk about academic versus industry life to an engaging spiel on using ORCiD IDs to keep your publications identified and linked, each speaker brought thought-provoking (and conversation provoking) topics to the table.

The lineup of workshops was impressive. Researchers had the choice of eleven workshops during the three-day event. From Python, R and Amazon Web Services to Web scraping, Data cleanup with Open Refine and CoESRA Desktop.

There was something for everyone. And with over 250 people attending these classes, these skills are going far and wide.

A unique blend of academic and social life, ResBaz is an event unlike any academic conference you’ve ever been to. Keep an eye out for ResBaz 2018.

ResBazBris 2017 was proudly sponsored by Griffith University, Information Services. All photographs by Dr Nick Hamilton CC BY 3.0 AU.

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