Tips for getting people to notice your content on LinkedIn


Have you considered sharing your research on LinkedIn?  Whether you publish a long-form post or a status update, if you get it right on LinkedIn you can increase the visibility and impact of your research.

If you make it to Influencer status (you have to be invited by LinkedIn to join this exclusive club), your research will reach a massive audience. According to Ted Prodromou, author of the Ultimate guide to LinkedIn for business, ‘the average Influencer post drives more than 31,000 views and receives more than 250 likes and 80 comments’. That’s a lot of visibility!

If you aren’t overly familiar with LinkedIn, there are two main ways to share content. One way is through a status update. You are given a limited number of characters to Share an Update about well, whatever you want (professionally speaking).

Whether it’s a short blurb about your latest research, or simply an idea, a thought or musing, updates are a handy way to share brief messages.

But if you find the 600-character limit too limiting, you could publish a long-form post on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. There is no word count.

You could share your professional expertise, ‘write about challenges you’ve faced, opportunities you’ve seized, or important trends in your industry’ (Tips for writing long-form posts on LinkedIn).

In his book, Ted shares useful tips for getting people to notice your content on LinkedIn (p.136).

  1. 1. Publish new content at least once a week. Consistency is the key to success.
  2. 2. Let your network know when you post content because they may not notice it in their Newsfeed. You can send them a message through LinkedIn letting them know you have an interesting article that may benefit them.
  3. 3. Tweet your content, post it on your Facebook page, and share it on social bookmarking websites like Reddit. Social bookmarking sites still generate a lot of web traffic.
  4. 4. Share your content in LinkedIn Groups, but don’t do it in a self-promotional way or you could be flagged by the moderator.
  5. 5. Create status updates on your LinkedIn Company page that link to your full published post.
  6. 6. Create a sponsored update where you pay to promote your content to a targeted audience. This is an affordable way to get your content in front of millions of LinkedIn users.

Want to know more? Check out Ted’s book! It’s available online via the Library Catalogue.

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