You’ve been digitised!


Well, not you exactly, but your personnel files.

It’s taken well over two years, but Corporate Records & Digitisation Services recently completed a project to scan all the hardcopy files of active Griffith University staff members.

Yes, that’s right – all 10,371 files! Now, we don’t know how many swimming pools that equates to, but it works out to be approximately 1,300 cartons of records. That’s a lot of records (it would fill at least one swimming pool, right?).

And before we tell you about the awesome benefits of converting paper personnel files to digital, we need to give a massive shout out to a few staff. Big thanks to Aaron van Wyk, CRDS Information Officers, the Payroll team and Barb Keleher. The Director IM and Director HR recently hosted a celebratory morning tea to thank everyone in person for a magnificent effort.

Here are the many ways the digitisation of personnel files is benefiting the University. The move to digital files:

  • Reduces internal mail deliveries. Authorised staff can access a file from any location without having to wait for internal mail runs.
  • Provides faster access to records.
  • Improves the capture and access of records for staff new to Griffith. Previously, new hard copy files were only created manually on a monthly basis.
  • Eliminates the manual and time-consuming process of appraising hard-copy records and moving them to secondary onsite storage for long term retention.
  • Frees up onsite storage space for use by other corporate records.
  • Eliminates the risk of an entire file being lost/misplaced.
  • Eliminates the risk of records being accessed inappropriately while in transit or on location. Access to digital records is fully audit-tracked with regular reporting to HR possible.
  • Provides a better process for administering sessional/casual staff records which previously were day-batched and sent offsite by HR. The complete record set for personnel records can be accommodated in the one system.
  • Provides easier access to content. Records are now text searchable.

And very shortly will:

  • Eliminate the administrative burden of authorising access to staff files, with access being automatically rescinded when staff leave their authorised role.
  • Enable the transfer of recruitment records directly from the recruitment module in PeopleSoft to the staff digital file – digital to digital!

To find out more about CDRS and the services they provide, head to the Corporate Records & Digitisation Services web page.

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