How to improve the quality of your Reading List

Green puzzle saying quality

Have you seen the green Dashboard button in your course Reading List? And more importantly, have you clicked on it?

It contains some pretty handy features. You can use the Dashboard to discover how students are engaging with your Reading List and any issues they may be experiencing.

Get the hard numbers! Check the overall Reading List summary to find out page views, total clicks and annotations. Page views will tell you the total number of times the course reading list has been viewed. Total clicks is the total number of times a student has clicked on all the readings. And Annotations is the total number of student notes placed on the readings.

You can also check how popular an item is with your students. Have a look next to the individual item to see the number of Clicks. It shows the number of times that reading has been selected.

Use the Dashboard to improve the quality of your list. After you enter the data for your course reading, check the Dashboard to see how the reading citation will display to your students.

There is also an indicator of the metadata quality.  Green means the metadata for the citation has passed all the quality checks. Red indicates the information in the citation could be improved. If you see red, click Metadata could be improved to view a summary of where the information can be improved.

The Dashboard also reports on Library availability. If you are new to the Dashboard, click on Start Tutorial for a quick tour.

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