What do students think about the upgrade to Windows 10?

Photo of students in computer lab

Around 3,300 computers in common use labs, school-based computer labs, library spaces, seminar rooms and lecture theatres were upgraded to Windows 10 recently.

During the upgrade, Information Services also took the opportunity to virtualise over 280 applications used by Griffith students. The upgrade provides students with a modern, up to date environment that is significantly faster, compatible with newer computers, devices, drivers and applications, and addresses known security and performance issues.

When our students returned from summer vacation, we took the time to ask them what they thought about the changes to student computers. Their response was overwhelmingly positive.

One student was impressed that Griffith is keeping up to date with recent technology. They said, ‘it shows that the university is willing to invest to keep their resources relevant and provide the best experience possible to their students’.

There were also many appreciative comments about the speed of the computers since the upgrade. ‘It’s fast, cooperative and easy to use’ said a student. ‘These innovations have made my studying and research time faster and easier.’

And it has reduced the time students have to spend waiting for programs to start. Applications are now ‘available to use directly after start up rather than having to wait for them to load up on the desktop’ another student said.

Windows 10 is touted as being the ‘the last version of Windows’, and will be regularly improved though frequent smaller updates, rather than the traditional method of requiring upgrades to new versions of windows every few years.

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