New exam system reduces data entry


Exams are never supposed to be easy. But with the new Exams Portal being released in Trimester 2, exam requests will be a breeze for Course Convenors.

When the Portal goes live next trimester, you will be able to enter all your exam requirements online. This means you will no longer have to personally deliver master exam papers to the Exams and Timetabling Office or fill in a mountain of paper forms for your exam requirements.

The Exams Portal will streamline business processes for all centrally managed exams. If you have several exams with similar requirements, you can copy the exam request rather than manually entering the data multiple times.

Once you have submitted the exam request, the exam cover sheet and template will be made available to you. Then all you have to do is fill out the exam template. Once moderated, it will be uploaded online.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to see which students attended the exam? The new Exams Portal makes this possible. After the exam has been conducted, you will be able to view the exam attendance online. It will be available approximately 24-hours after the exam. Take a sneak peek at the Exams Portal project website.

Want to find out more? Attend a training session on the new Exams Portal, as well as the proposed rolling of the class timetable. Registrations are now open.

If you have any questions about the new Portal, please email

One Comment on “New exam system reduces data entry”

  1. Datainox says:

    Digitalization is always reduced paperwork, one of the best examples for same is reduce typing work.

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