Windows 10 on new staff computers

Windows 10 is coming! It’s been successfully rolled out in student spaces and now it’s your turn. From mid-April, a contemporary Windows 10 desktop configuration will be provided on all new staff computers.

The new configuration provides a modern, up to date interface that is significantly faster than previous versions, is more compatible with newer computers, devices, drivers and applications, and addresses known security issues.

Two key changes include:

1. Administrator access has been removed
To mitigate increasingly sophisticated and prevalent cyber security threats, the previous default, where all Staff desktop PC users have permanent ‘administrator’ access to their computers, has been removed.

Where ‘administrator’ access is required, you can temporarily elevate permissions (a software tool is provided for this purpose), or request permanent access (based on a business case).

2. Files will be automatically stored on network storage
Files stored in the standard Windows folders (e.g. Documents, Pictures, Desktop etc.) will be automatically redirected to, and securely stored on, network storage.

This will allow you to access those files from any other staff computer with Windows 10. In addition, those files will be backed up daily, and you will be able to easily revert to previous versions or restore deleted files.

For laptop users, an additional ‘offline’ capability provides users with a local copy of those files, which is synchronised when the laptop is connected to the Griffith network.

Additional information can be found at the Griffith University Windows 10 Desktop Support page. For IT support, please contact the IT Service Centre.

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