eResearch wins first and second place in Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Congratulations to our eResearch Services team who won first and second place at The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) conference in Auckland recently.

Media Production Team Leader, Eva Czaran and Director, Malcolm Wolski took out first place for ‘Best Paper’ for their paper, Media Content in Research Data Management Plans.

The paper focuses on the work, and subsequent review, of a new service offered by the Media Production team.  It has been designed to encourage researchers to tell their research stories in a visual format.

Second place went to Griffith Criminology Institute Professor Mark Finnane and Business Analyst, Michael McGuinness for their paper on Enabling Better Data Discovery of Records Across Archives, Institutions and Libraries.

In their presentation, and accompanying paper, they discussed how the Prosecution Project and Griffith University are working collaboratively with archival institutions such as the Queensland State Archives and the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office to enable better access to archival data.

THETA is a high-level forward-looking conference, held every two years, with the aim of advancing higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

According to one of our presenters, Michael McGuinness, THETA is ‘a way to learn about technical changes and advancements with IT.’

Michael thoroughly enjoyed the conference and found the range of topics really diverse.

‘I got a lot of value out of the Tips and Tricks for Speakers run by Maggie Eyre. Maggie spoke in great detail about how to tell stories to make for a more memorable presentation,’ he said.

It was also a good opportunity to network. The conference ‘was a great way to see what’s new and connect with other colleagues at different uni’s and see what they are up to’.

‘I really enjoyed the networking events, with the gala dinner being the best of these for me. You could not get me off the dance floor!’ said Michael.

Check out the eResearch Services web page to find out how they can help you.

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