Get wired!

Photo of colourful cables

Information Services has streamlined the process for Griffith staff to get connected. Griffith’s wired network now consists of over 33,000+ active network ports.

How do I request a network port?
Easy! Just use our new network outlet installation form to log your request. You no longer have to log a job through the IT Service Centre.

Once the form has been logged, the Network and Collaboration team will come chat to you about your needs, take a few photos of the site and work with a contractor to install your new outlet.

All requests must comply with University policies, standards, and design guidelines & procedures. You are entitled to a network port for your PC/workstation and phone. You also can use the wireless network if you have a laptop/tablet etc.

How do I connect my PC to a wired network port?
Before plugging your PC into the network, the PC’s MAC address must be registered. When a new PC is purchased, we will register the PC’s MAC address on your behalf using the Network Register Tool.

If your PC does not connect to the network, please contact the IT Service Desk so the MAC address can be registered.

How do I check if a network port is available?
You can use our GUPD (Griffith University Port Database) to check if a network port is available to use.

The GUPD lists all active network ports throughout the University and can help identify, monitor, modify and troubleshoot wired network connections.

You can use GUPD to:

  • Confirm your port details
  • Check other port details (which is really useful if you are moving location)
  • Request a port to be activated.

Want to know more about networking?
Find out more about the wired network services we provide, including network cable replacements (also known as a patch lead), firewall access and how we use Netreg to register your Griffith device.

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