Introducing the Workplace Solutions team

Photo of a white robot

Do you need a technological solution to a problem? Maybe you’ve noticed an inefficiency in your workflow that could be improved with Google Apps, videoconferencing (WebEx), Learning@Griffith or the Griffith Portal.

Well, Information Services has a team dedicated to finding technological solutions for your workplace. They are the Workplace Solutions team. We asked Workplace Solutions, Team Leader, Robert Snow, to tell us about what his team can do for you.

What does your team do?
We provide advice on the best use of Griffith Enterprise tools to address technology issues and concerns, improve productivity and provide technology briefings and ad-hoc training.

We also facilitate discussion between IT experts who may provide further advice and guidance for small business projects. This includes preparation of planning, briefing and proposal documents relating to workplace technologies and solutions.

Who are your major clients?
All staff including general and professional staff, academics and researchers

If you only had 30 seconds to tell someone what you do, what would you say?
We assist staff in selecting IT solutions. Whether it be software or systems, we connect them with the right tools and people at Griffith.

What is your team’s greatest achievement?
Overall, it would be our communication reach across all areas of the University.  We have managed to meet with representatives from most schools and departments. We are building a working relationship across all campuses and referring them quickly to the right services and support for their IT needs.

Email Workplace Solutions to request a consultation with a Workplace Consultation Officer.

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