Launch of the new Academic Integrity Tutorial

The new Academic Integrity Tutorial is coming…

It’s out with old, and in with the new!

Information Services is launching a new version of the student Academic Integrity Tutorial on Friday 16 June 2017.

Be sure to say your goodbyes to the current tutorial. It’s served us well, but we’re turning it off to make way for the new and improved version.

How has it been improved? Well, we’re glad you asked. The assessment has been simplified so you’ll no longer have to check the Mark Centre for student completions.

Students will see a certificate when they successfully complete the final quiz; it is similar to the process for the annual fire safety test.

You can instruct the student to submit their certificate by email or via an assignment submission point on their Learning@Griffith course site.

Access to the Mark Centre is still available to you. So if you need to download results for large numbers of students, the Mark Centre is still the place to go.

Giving your students access to the tutorial is easy. Simply, use the Learning@Griffith Organisation Enrolment Manager to automatically enrol students from any of your course sites into the Academic Integrity Tutorial organisation.

The Organisation Enrolment Manager can be found in your Learning@Griffith course site under the Control Panel:

  • Click Users and Groups
  • Click Organisation Enrolment
  • Choose Add Enrolment
  • Enter the Organisation ID: ACADEMIC_INTGY_A1_TUTORIAL.

Need help? Check out this handy Organisation Enrolment Manager guide.

We have also moved to a new version of Study Smart which you can find on the library website. The earlier version of Study Smart will not be available after June 16.

The Study Smart quiz is available on Learning@Griffith and will be updated for Trimester 2. There’s no need to update your bookmarks as the link to the quiz will remain the same.

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