Rolling timetables – How does it impact you?


Roll out the red carpet! The rolling class timetable is arriving in 2018. That’s right, class timetables will start to be rolled from year to year.

This means that the timetable you have in Trimester 1 2018 will be based on the timetable you have in Trimester 1 2017.

And the timetable you have in Trimester 1 2019, will be based on the timetable you have in Trimester 1 2018. And so on…

Currently, a new timetable is scheduled for each Trimester. This is a very time-consuming task for everyone –  Academic staff, Administrative staff in the Groups as well as the Exams and Timetabling team.

So we’ve streamlined the process and will roll the timetable instead of recreating it each Trimester.

How does this impact you? Well, you can plan ahead. Since your teaching timetable will, in the majority of cases, be the same as your previous timetable, you’ll be able to organise child care and other appointments in advance.

In addition, you’ll no longer need to complete the Course Timetable Requirements online data collection forms (CTR) every Trimester, unless your requirements have changed. Timetabling requirements for new courses will continue to be collected in the same way.

You will no longer be asked to indicate your availability to teach.  Indicating Staff Unavailability will only be required for those who have genuine constraints and will now require the approval of the Dean (Academic), which will be granted in exceptional circumstances only.

For more information, visit the Streamlining Timetable Project web page or register to attend an Information Session. The sessions will be conducted in the last week of June. Registrations now open.

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