An update to the Griffith App has just been released

Do you have the Griffith App on your mobile device?

It’s full of useful and time-saving features such as the library catalogue (a necessity, right?), the staff directory, Ask Us and GriffithPAY.

But it’s not just for you. Actually, it’s mostly for your students. But we love that you love to use it too.

Because staff and students alike are using the Griffith App, we need to ensure it keeps working and is usable. That’s why we’ve just released an updated Griffith App on Google Play and the App Store.

This version of the Griffith App is an emergency maintenance release designed to restore functionality that was disrupted recently due to technical issues with underlying infrastructure.

You’ll be pleased to know that issues with the Maps feature have been resolved by moving to Google Maps. It’s ready to help your students get their bearings to find their way around the Griffith campuses.

Another Griffith App update worth mentioning is that the Learning feature is integrated with the new Bb Student by Blackboard app.

Once your students download the Bb Student app, they will have seamless access to Learning@Griffith content from the Griffith App.

A number of other features and pages have been modified for stability and performance reasons.

The Griffith App will be undergoing significant redevelopment in the coming months to enhance access to personalised information, deliver Single Sign-on capability, improve the maps and wayfinding features, create an easily customisable interface and more!

Update your Griffith App now!

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