How to find funding for your research

Are you looking for a grant, fellowship, scholarship, or award to fund your research? There is a myriad of grant opportunities open to Griffith researchers, ranging from internal grant schemes to external funding.

Check out the Griffith University, Office for Research, Funding Opportunities website to keep on top of upcoming prospects.

You can also access the Research Professional grants database. It’s an online database of research funding opportunities and a source of international research policy and practice news.

If you set up a personal profile in Research Professional, you can receive automatic email alerts from the database. You can also create a personal funding opportunities calendar, save popular searches and see details of past awards from a number of funders.

The database allows you to manage and distribute funding opportunities to your Centre, Institute or Group. Discipline specific funding opportunities can be managed for distribution to members through saved searches, newsletter creation and calendar updates.

Simply, nominate a staff member to manage the membership and generate the tailored content via defined searches.

Need help? The Office for Research, Funding Opportunities website has resources which show you how to navigate Research Professional, locate funding opportunities and set up email alerts.

The Office for Research also provides specific local training for Centres, Institutes and Groups. Contact Joanne Biles or Rhiannon Campbell to organise a training session.

Have a look at the Research Professional grants database today.

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