How to hold an effective meeting

Have you ever been to a meeting that made you want to crawl under the desk and take a snooze? It just went on and on and on… and nothing was really achieved.

Of course, this doesn’t happen in your current job. Meetings are short, sharp and effective where you work (because your boss is awesome!). But in other workplaces, meetings can be a drag.

And for that reason, we thought we’d share this handy video, aptly titled Effective Meetings (New York, NY: Inc., 2014) from the Business Education in Video database.

It only goes for six minutes and offers a few insights from CEOs and business owners on how to effectively run a meeting.

We quite like the tip from the Owner of Gainesville Health & Fitness Centre, Joe Cirulli, about holding strategic meetings offsite. The Whitsundays, perhaps?

Joe also suggests:

  • Keep short-term goals meetings separate from long-term strategy meetings
  • Hold short and frequent operational meetings
  • Build strategic meetings around long-term planning

The Business Education in Video database contains over 3,000 streamed video titles from producers such as Bloomberg, CRM Learning, BBC and Seven Dimensions that the library has purchased.

This database is part of the Alexander Street Streamed Video Collection. Other databases in the Streamed Collection include:

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