Better scope your audience using Griffith Personas

Personas, or ‘User Stories’ are a useful tool to help you understand the different needs and requirements for a particular user group. They are used to create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments for reference.

Planning new subject content? Trying to scope future research areas? Doing qualitative research? You may like to look at using Personas.

There are myriad benefits of using Personas, including:

  • They can help your team/collaborators share a consistent understanding of the user group.
  • They give stakeholders an opportunity to discuss critical features of a redesign.
  • Reduction in time to find and manage information delivering benefits to users . 
  • Prioritisation of high‐value information management initiatives with confirmed business benefit .
  • Reduction of information security risk due to implementation of role‐based identity and access management.
  • Business process improvement aligned with user personas delivers cost reduction and productivity increases .
  • Create foundation work for the development of future customer journeys.

Griffith University is invested in acquiring and developing Personas across business areas. Recently, a project was undertaken to collate existing Personas and create a single repository for use by all Griffith staff.

These are now available and can be accessed via the Griffith Personas SharePoint Community

It is important to note that these Personas are to be considered generic base personas. As there is no ‘one size fits all’ Persona, they must be tailored for individual use and context. The Personas SharePoint site also provides information on how they should be used and updated based on guidance received from the vendor who developed the base personas.