ResBaz 2018: A massive success!

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Research Bazaar (ResBaz) is a worldwide festival promoting the digital literacy and tools emerging at the centre of modern research.

This year, Griffith University hosted ResBaz at its South Bank Campus, over 6 – 8 June. The event brought together 257 attendees from various fields including 11 different universities, two research institutes, Government and State Library.

The three-day event comprised seventeen workshops, as well as information stalls, catered morning tea and lunch daily, local groups and presentations from eight engaging and innovative speakers.

One of the highlights of the conference was the Knowledge for All event—read all about it here.

ResBaz 2018 helped empower researchers from all career stages and disciplines with the digital skills required to do their research easier, faster and smarter.

The attendees enjoyed the food, collaboration, location and new knowledge they gained over the course of the event. Some comments include:

  • ‘One of the best things I’ve seen and experienced at #ResBazBris is that while there are experts and helpers, there is a lot of collaboration and helping between attendees, too. It’s great to see the building of community, with everyone helping support the learning of others!’  – Kylie Burgess
  • ‘I’ve learnt so much today at #ResBazBris and what a perfect way to finish than to enjoy the view from Southbank’s colourful lit up dome.’ – Maria Nguyen
  • ‘My kind of festival! Attending the #ResBazBris and building my knowledge bank for research!’ – Kat Campbell

If you missed out on attending ResBaz 2018, you can catch up on all the action through the ResBaz Twitter story (ResBaz, start to finish, as it rolled throughout the three days on Twitter). Then watch out for the 2019 event!

ResBazBris 2018 was proudly sponsored by Griffith University, Office of Digital Solutions. All photographs by Dr Nick Hamilton CC BY 3.0 AU.