Griffith has launched a new Cisco Networking Academy program

Have you heard the joke about the IPv6 packet that walked into a bar? Nobody talked to it.

Get it? Me neither! But our Griffith IT students get it, and now that Griffith provides a Cisco Networking Academy program, they are laughing all the way to a rewarding career in computer networking.

The Cisco Academy program is an initiative undertaken by the School of ICT, in association with Information Services (INS) and Campus Life.

It is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of networking technologies that are necessary for a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

The program outline includes:

  • Network Design Fundamentals
  • Networking devices and protocols
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Network Security

We’ve completed two, new, built-for-purpose labs at Gold Coast and Nathan campuses to support the program.

They promote a learning environment designed to challenge problem-solving and analytical skills when applied to the fundamental concepts of networking.

Our labs provide cutting edge technology for IT students with an aptitude to design, build and maintain computer networks.

Find out more about Griffith’s Cisco Networking Academy course offerings and timetables.

Artists’ books exhibited at QCA Library

Artists’ books exhibited at QCA Library

The Artists’ Books Brisbane Event was held in July this year. As part of this event, the Queensland College of Art (QCA) Library exhibited books from the Centre for the Artist Book.

The Centre for the Artist Book is a collection of over 650 artists’ books, multiples, and ephemera by international and Australian artists held at grahame galleries + editions.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by approximately 60 international, interstate and local conference delegates, including curators and librarians from cultural institutions and universities, QCA staff, students, and artists.

Guests included German book artists, Ulrike Stoltz and Uta Schnieder, as well as the Journal of Artists’ Books, Editor, Brad Freeman.New England Art Museum, Director, Robert Heather officially opened the exhibition.

New England Art Museum, Director, Robert Heather officially opened the exhibition. He acknowledged grahame galleries + editions, founder, Noreen Grahame’s substantial contribution to the development of artists’ books practices, print culture and contemporary art in Australia.

A documentary video about Noreen Grahame and selected works from the exhibition is being produced by the Griffith Film School, Live Lab industry engagement program.

A bibliography and descriptive catalogue of the works were produced for the exhibition and are now available at QCA Library.

What you need to know about accessing eBooks

What you need to know about accessing eBooks

Griffith has purchased or subscribed to over 300,000 eBooks on various platforms. ProQuest Ebook Central has become Griffith’s largest platform.

Now, we are sure you and your students are loving how accessible eBooks are. Students can access them 24/7 from anywhere with internet connectivity (and a mobile device, of course!).

But we understand you also have concerns about eBooks and ironically, this is mostly to do with access.

So every now and again, your students may not be able to access an eBook. This is probably because the eBook has a user limit.

For example, we may only have subscribed to three copies of that particular eBook, and three other students are currently using it.

There is a workaround to this problem. Tell your students not to leave their exam or assignment prep to the night before. Every person and their dog will be trying to access the same eBook at that time. There will be access issues for sure!

Ask them to try and access the book at different times of the day. We recommend early morning!

There are also limits to copying, printing and downloading our eBooks.

Now, with ProQuest Ebook Central, students can copy 20% of an eBook within a 24-hour period. And they can print or download 40% of an eBook’s total pages within a 24-hour period. That’s because ProQuest Ebook Central resets every 24 hours.

This screenshot shows the user limit for an eBook and the number of pages that remain each day to copy, print or chapter download.

If you or your students experience problems with access to our eBooks, please email and your request will get through to the right people.

Do you want to use an eBook for your course? The easiest way is to fill out the Suggest a Purchase form.

A quick Q&A with Professor Kathy Andrews

Professor Kathy Andrews

Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD), Professor Kathy Andrews discusses her career, research tips and writing a children’s book.

1. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I wanted to be so many things when I was growing up! An artist, an author and a scientist. In the end, I was able to mix some of these things together into one great job. Being a scientist is very creative and involves not only solving interesting questions but also communicating your findings to other scientists and the public.

2. Tell us about a previous job (work experience/volunteer work) that you’ve had.
My first job was wrapping presents at Christmas time in a department store!

3. Which 3 apps do you use the most on your mobile device?
iBooks (because I read constantly), Notes (to remind myself of things) and Twitter (still getting used to this one)

4. Which 5 celebrities would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?
That’s a hard one. If my daughter was involved, I would have to say five members of the Firebirds netball team!

5. Tell us about your favourite fictional character.
I don’t have particular favourites, but I am quite taken by the elven characters in Lord of the Rings.

6. What’s the best thing about your current role?
The best thing about my current role is the diversity of things that I am involved in. I work with fantastic staff and students on exciting research projects focused on developing new medicines for malaria, teach undergraduate students about infectious diseases and also talk to people in the community about how great science is.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope that in five years I will have developed a new type of antimalarial drug. Fingers crossed!

8. What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
The highlight of my career really is in seeing my amazing research students graduate and go on to do wonderful things with their lives and careers. Very rewarding!

9. You are involved in Griffith’s That’s Rad Science project. Tell us about that.
I have always been involved in science communication and in 2016 I decided to try something new that also combined my skills in project management and writing. I wanted to inspire as many children as possible by telling them about the amazing worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). I started That’s RAD! Science with the vision of producing a series of 12 books authored by Queenslanders working in STEM areas. The aim is to distribute the books widely to primary school children and interest them in STEM from an early age. I am authoring the first book about parasites (think pet poo parasites, scratchy head lice, and malaria mini-vampire parasites!)

10. What wise advice do you have for new researchers?
Make sure you find something you are passionate about to work on!

11. What’s the best resource you’ve discovered in your Griffith University Library?
The best Griffith University Library resource has to be the ability access online journal articles. When I started as a scientist, I often had to order articles and wait several weeks for them to arrive by post!

12. Can you give us your 3 best research tips?
Take detailed notes, set aside time to think about your research project what it means, and think outside the box as you never know what you might find!

What can you do in July to become a better researcher?


You can attend our series of Higher Degree Research (HDR) Workshops. They are targeted to support you through all stages of the research lifecycle.

All staff and students are welcome to attend these workshops but preference will be given to HDR candidates. Once you have registered you will receive an email confirmation, please select add to the calendar.

Week 1 (3 July – 7 July)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Thu 6/7 1:00pm Endnote G10 2.04 Gold Coast


Week 2 (10 July – 14 July)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Tue 11/7 10:00am Managing your research data G10 2.09 Gold Coast
Fri 14/7 10:00am Academic writing expectations at the HDR level N53 1.51 Nathan


Week 3 (17 July – 21 July)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Mon 17/7 10:00am Endnote N53 1.49 Nathan
Wed 19/7 1:00pm Academic writing expectations at the HDR level G10 2.25 Gold Coast


Week 4 (24 July – 28 July)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Tue 25/7 9:30am Online research survey tool G10 2.04 Gold Coast
Wed 26/7 10:00am Developing your academic argument N53 1.51 Nathan
Thu 27/7 1:00pm Build and leverage your research profile G10 2.09 Gold Coast

How to find funding for your research

Are you looking for a grant, fellowship, scholarship, or award to fund your research? There is a myriad of grant opportunities open to Griffith researchers, ranging from internal grant schemes to external funding.

Check out the Griffith University, Office for Research, Funding Opportunities website to keep on top of upcoming prospects.

You can also access the Research Professional grants database. It’s an online database of research funding opportunities and a source of international research policy and practice news.

If you set up a personal profile in Research Professional, you can receive automatic email alerts from the database. You can also create a personal funding opportunities calendar, save popular searches and see details of past awards from a number of funders.

The database allows you to manage and distribute funding opportunities to your Centre, Institute or Group. Discipline specific funding opportunities can be managed for distribution to members through saved searches, newsletter creation and calendar updates.

Simply, nominate a staff member to manage the membership and generate the tailored content via defined searches.

Need help? The Office for Research, Funding Opportunities website has resources which show you how to navigate Research Professional, locate funding opportunities and set up email alerts.

The Office for Research also provides specific local training for Centres, Institutes and Groups. Contact Joanne Biles or Rhiannon Campbell to organise a training session.

Have a look at the Research Professional grants database today.

6 ways to cut back on your iPhone data usage

Photo of iPhone

Do you love your iPhone, but hate the amount data you’re churning through? We can help! Check out our handy tips and tricks to reduce the mobile data usage on your iPhone.

Android devices have similar data saving capabilities – just check your online manual for details.

1. Disable Wi-Fi assist
Wi-Fi assist lets you stay connected to the Internet when Wi-Fi signal strength is weak by automatically switching over to mobile data.

2. Disable Background App Refresh
Background app refresh automatically updates your app content. But fear not, you can disable this function and it may even help with your battery life.

3. Disable automatic downloads
Purchased something new from iTunes on a different device? You can select to download it to your iPhone via Wi-Fi only.

4. Turn off cellular data usage for iCloud
If you use iCloud to transfer documents and data, it could be syncing using your mobile network and draining your data.

5. Avoid streaming high-quality music
Apple has created the option to stream high-quality music regardless of your being on Wi-Fi or mobile data. The higher the quality, the more data is needed to stream!

6. Disable auto play videos on apps
Some social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Twitter automatically play videos which can use a lot of data. Switch off auto-play via the app settings.

Head to the Mobile Phones Self Help page to find out how to turn off these settings, improve your mobile coverage and more!