Launch of the new Academic Integrity Tutorial

The new Academic Integrity Tutorial is coming…

It’s out with old, and in with the new!

Information Services is launching a new version of the student Academic Integrity Tutorial on Friday 16 June 2017.

Be sure to say your goodbyes to the current tutorial. It’s served us well, but we’re turning it off to make way for the new and improved version.

How has it been improved? Well, we’re glad you asked. The assessment has been simplified so you’ll no longer have to check the Mark Centre for student completions.

Students will see a certificate when they successfully complete the final quiz; it is similar to the process for the annual fire safety test.

You can instruct the student to submit their certificate by email or via an assignment submission point on their Learning@Griffith course site.

Access to the Mark Centre is still available to you. So if you need to download results for large numbers of students, the Mark Centre is still the place to go.

Giving your students access to the tutorial is easy. Simply, use the Learning@Griffith Organisation Enrolment Manager to automatically enrol students from any of your course sites into the Academic Integrity Tutorial organisation.

The Organisation Enrolment Manager can be found in your Learning@Griffith course site under the Control Panel:

  • Click Users and Groups
  • Click Organisation Enrolment
  • Choose Add Enrolment
  • Enter the Organisation ID: ACADEMIC_INTGY_A1_TUTORIAL.

Need help? Check out this handy Organisation Enrolment Manager guide.

We have also moved to a new version of Study Smart which you can find on the library website. The earlier version of Study Smart will not be available after June 16.

The Study Smart quiz is available on Learning@Griffith and will be updated for Trimester 2. There’s no need to update your bookmarks as the link to the quiz will remain the same.

Learning@Griffith is speeding along

learning_squareThe Blackboard Hosting Migration Project recently migrated Learning@Griffith from our internal hardware to Blackboard’s Managed Hosting Environment.

Supporting the Griffith Online Strategy, this move enhances our capability to ensure issues are responded to at any time of the day or night. It also provides optimal application speed and responsiveness, no matter how many people are logged in!

Information Services (INS) teams (including EIS, ITI & IM) worked with Blackboard staff to provide the support and expertise required to ensure that the migration was a success.

Professor Alf Lizzio, Director of Learning Futures, said: “The quality of the outcome is a testimony to the careful and collaborative planning and implementation of a highly complex and strategically important component of our learning and teaching environment. I really appreciate and value the willingness of staff to go above and beyond to achieve this outstanding result”.

In recent weeks, INS and Blackboard Managed Hosting Services worked together to mitigate the effects of a series of (external) major malicious attacks on Blackboard’s Sydney Data Centre.

Measures are currently in place to ensure that the system performs optimally during Semester 2. Thanks to the combined effort of INS and Blackboard, Learning@Griffith is running approximately 20% faster than it was prior to the migration.

For further information, contact Kristina Nisova (Communication Officer) or Den Cho (Project Manager).

Readings: the New Reading List Service

Course Readings

Readings, the new reading list service, delivers the required learning resources identified in the course profile to students in a timely and user friendly way.

The service was introduced in January 2015. As of 30 June 2015, more than 39,000 users have accessed the new reading list service and have viewed over 330,000 pages.

All the reading lists are created from information in the course profile system and digitised reading in Learning@Griffith.  The lists link directly to resources in the library catalogue, external websites (e.g. eJournals) and any requested digitised readings.

You can access reading lists at Learning@Griffith or visit:

Readings has a number of benefits including:

  • Seamlessly integrating the lists within Learning@Griffith course sites as well as improves procurement of library resources
  • Students will be able to discover and access learning and reading resources via a single source
  • An easy to use Copyright management tool
  • It is scalable to support the changes to the education model over the next few years

For further information information, visit:

To provide feedback on the new reading list service, visit:

Learning@Griffith is moving to the Cloud

learning_squareSince March, the Blackboard Project Team have been working on moving Learning@Griffith from the Information Services basement into Blackboard’s cloud hosting environment.

The move is scheduled to happen on the 11th and 12th of July. This means Learning@Griffith will be unavailable for two days.

There will be no changes to the Learning@Griffith user interface or functionality. The changes will effect the back end of the system only.

Aside from supporting the Griffith Online Strategy, the move to the Cloud provides many benefits to the University, including greater coverage of system-wide outages.

Moving Learning@Griffith to the Cloud presents many challenges – both technical and non-technical. But the project team is up for the challenge as they have experience on their side.

Earlier this year, the team developed a small learning environment that is successfully hosted in the Cloud. The learning environment uses the latest version of Blackboard and created specifically for Griffith’s Accelerated Online Programs.

If you have any inquiries or concerns about the Blackboard Project, please contact Den Cho.

App, App and Away!

  • The Griffith App continues to go from strength to strength.

Griffith AppFrom O-Week to the end of the first week of Semester 1 2014, more than 10,000 new users downloaded the Griffith App, bringing the total number of users up to over 100,000.

Manager of the Griffith app, Leigh Stevenson, says it’s doing remarkably well—with great support from the Office of Marketing and Communications to promote it.

“We recently saw a daily peak of 42,712 application runs on day one of Semester, and the all-time number of app runs across all versions is now over 3.5 million,” he said.

Urban & Environmental Planning student Angela Lavcanovska is enjoying the easy access to information.

“The Griffith App is really handy for me. Especially since this is my first year and everything is still so new,” she said.

“With the app, all the help and information I need is just one tap away. I feel so organised!”

The ‘Map’ and ‘Timetable’ features are proving popular, along with ‘Learning’, which provides mobile friendly access to Learning@Griffith.

Business student Sara Petrovska is one of 49,148 students who enjoyed the perks of using an interactive campus map during O-Week.

“Being a first year student, the Griffith App has really helped me get around campus without getting lost!” she said.

“It’s like my survival kit.”

The Griffith App is currently available in Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and online (mobile friendly version).

Learning@Griffith upgrade brings new benefits

Learning@Griffith, powered by Blackboard Learn

  • The latest Learning@Griffith upgrade will bring you and your students a myriad of new features to use.

The successful upgrade earlier this month not only ironed out some technical issues, but also introduced three new features which are now live on Learning@Griffith (powered by Blackboard):

1. Global Navigation and My Blackboard

Available to everyone who uses Learning@Griffith, the Global Navigation Panel gives you quick access to your courses and personal settings, while the My Blackboard functionality gives you access to the new Posts feature. Watch a video on Global Navigation and My Blackboard (YouTube video, 3m, 40s).

2. New Content Editor

You see a Content Editor everywhere that you enter text into Learning@Griffith, from Discussion Board posts to blog entries (and for teaching staff, contents items added to the course). The new Content Editor helps you create complex online content without needing to know HTML. Watch a video on the new Content Editor (YouTube video, 1m 43s).

3. My Marks

This is the tool that students use to see marks and feedback on assessment items. It’s getting a facelift, with a cleaner layout and more information about past and future assessments. Watch a video on the new My Marks (Blackboard Help Video, 2m 30s) – NOTE: Griffith calls this feature ‘My Marks’, but other universities call it ‘My Grades’. Same feature, different name.

Stay tuned for more exciting Learning@Griffith features that our Blackboard team has in store for late 2013. To contact the Blackboard Upgrade team or for more information visit their website.

MESS soon to be replaced

blackboard learn banner

  • The mess of MESS (Marks Entry Spread Sheet) will soon be a thing of the past.

Information Services staff are currently designing modifications to Marks Centre (Learning@Griffith) as a replacement for MESS and to support the marking and grading process. While still in design, the proposed solution is expected to bring the following advantages:

  • Access to enter marks and grades from anywhere, at anytime
  • Where available, the option to create assessment items from information stored in the electronic Course Profile System.
  • One-stop data entry of assessment item marks and grades

Development on the MESS replacement is yet to commence, but it is hoped that it will be released for Semester 2 2014. Further information will be provided as the project progresses. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the project team: